• Primary education-
    • BRAC School
  • Secondary education-major: Science,
    • Magura Govt. High School(2007)
  • Higher secondary education-major: Science,
    • Cantonment college, Jessore(2009)
  • Undergraduate education-major: Mechanical Engineering,
    • Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.
    •  B.Sc Thesis: Effect of applied magnetic field and its direction on natural convection in a porous C-shaped cavity filled with ferrofluid.
       Supervisor: Dr. Sumon Saha (ME, BUET).
  • Postgraduate education-major: Mechanical Engineering,
    • Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.
    • M.Sc Thesis: A computational study of nanoindentation in Aluminium and its alloys.
      Supervisors: Dr. Mohammad Abdul Motalab (ME, BUET), Dr. Dibakar Datta (MIE, NJIT).
  • Postgraduate education-major: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ongoing),
    • Northwestern University, Evanston, IL-60208, USA.



Multiscale Mechanical Modeling and Research Network (MMMRN)

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Undergraduate Project

Pick and place robotic arm with color detector 


Robotic arm are very popular in this era of industrialization to handle the job which are very sophisticated. This project was done to develop and design a robotic arm along with gripper which can pick up object and sort them on the basis of the color which has a very wide range application in the industry.Servo motor are used to transmit power and microcontrollers are used to control them properly.LED-LDR(light dependent resistor)pair are used as a sensing element for detecting color. The mechanical parts are made of plexiglass and wood which make the structure light and strong.A innovative design in the arm gripper has been introduced which is of very low cost and easy to fabricate.It has been found that this is a very lost cost technology which can be implemented in the industry with a higher efficiency.

Industrial Experience

Kohinoor Chemicals Company Limited, Bangladesh, Dhaka-1000.

A leading FMCG Company in Bangladesh.