Research Interest

  • Nanomechanics and Nanomaterials
  • Integrated Computational Materials Science and Engineering
  • First Principle Calculation 
  • Multiscale Materials Modeling and Mechanics
  • Mechanics and Physics of 2D Materials
  • Nanoscale Thermal Transports 
  • Thermofluid Modeling and Simulation

Research Presentation

To get an idea about my research please have a look at this research presentation.

Recent Research Projects

Mechanical Properties of Stanene

example graphic

Stanene, a graphene like two dimensional honeycomb structure of tin has attractive features in electronics application. In this study, we performed molecular dynamics simulations using modified embedded atom method potential to investigate mechanical properties of stanene. We studied the effect of temperature and strain rate on mechanical properties of a-stanene for both uniaxial and biaxial loading conditions. Our study suggests that with the increasing temperature, both the fracture strength and strain of the stanene decrease. Uniaxial loading in zigzag direction shows higher fracture strength and strain compared to the armchair direction, while no noticeable variation in the mechanical properties is observed for biaxial loading. We also found at a higher loading rate, material exhibits higher fracture strength and strain. These results will aid further investigation of stanene as a potential nano-electronics substitute.

Nanoindentation of Al and Its Alloys

Dislocation loops formation and propagation during the loading and unloading process of nanoindentation in Aluminum.