Courses Offered

  • ME 267 Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals (offered to EEE)
  • ME 165 Basics of Mechanical Engineering (offered to CSE)
  • ME 160 Mechanical Engineering Drawing-I
  • ME 170 Basic Thermal Engineering Sessional
  • ME 174 Mechanical Engineering Drawing
  • ME 224 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Sessional
  • ME 244 Mechanics of Solids Sessional
  • ME 260 Mechanical Engineering Drawing-II
  • ME 262 Numerical Analysis Sessional
  • ME 268 Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering Sessional
  • ME 322 Fluid Mechanics Sessional - I
  • ME 326 Fluid Mechanics Sessional (Download Lab Manual)
  • ME 422 Fluid Machinery Sessional (Download Lab Manual)

                              Course Materials of ME 165 (CSE)

Lecture Slides Download Link
Lec 1-2: Thermodynamics Click here
Lec 2-4: Refrigeration Click here
Lec 5-6: Introduction to Robotics  Click here
Lec 7-11: Robot Kinematics Follow class notes
Lec 12: Robot Programming Click here
Lec 13-14: Robot Sensor Click here
Lec 15-16: Psychrometry Click here
Lec 17: Air conditioning system Click here
Lec 18-21: Sources of Energy Click here

Class Test 1: Refrigeration, Psychrometry

 and air conditioning system

14 July, 2018
Assignment 1: Building a robot prototype 30 July, 2018

Course Materials of ME 267

Lecture Slides Download Link
Heat Transfer Click here
Internal Combustion Engine

Click here

Problem Slides

Video Lecture

Gas Turbine

Click here

Video Lecture

Marks of Class Test and Assignment
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